We don’t know what it is about fluffy drinks at the moment, but for many seeking comfort in quarantine whipped beverages seem to be the order of the day.



First there was Dalgona coffee, the whipped Korean coffee drink that took the internet by storm with its creamy top and milky bottom, akin to an upside down cappuccino. Not everybody was sold on the caffeine, however, so there followed whipped cocoa, whipped strawberry milk, and now… whipped Nutella.

Even easier to make than its Dalgona forbear, the sugary drink contains just three ingredients – Nutella, whipping cream, and iced milk.

All you need to do is put a spoonful of Nutella and a cup of whipping cream into a bowl, and whisk them together until the texture is thick but light. Pour your concoction over a glass of iced milk, and you’re there.

For a bonus point, drizzle the rim with Nutella, or insert a Kinder treat as a garnish.

The recipe was posted on Instagram by food influencer @sweetportfolio, who in turn cited fellow ‘grammer @fitwaffle, and her equally appetising Nutella-laced whipped coffee.

Imitation drinks have sprung up in droves, and @sweetportfolio account owner Valentina Mussi is appealing for suggestions on what she should whip next.  Expect the whipped goods to get even odder before the trend is through.

Nutella has never been a mere condiment – Nutella loafs, Nutella brownies, even Nutella cheesecakes have all done the rounds in recent years – but we never expected to be whipping it up with cream.

That is not, we repeat, not, a complaint.

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