A woman was left irritated after her husband bought a suit of armour on eBay.



Selina Farrar was annoyed by partner Dom's decision to purchase the suit after he took part in a drunken auction.

She said: "It was a Saturday night and Dom had had a few beers and was a bit merry.

"He'd initially put in a stupid bid and didn't expect to win but suddenly it was, like, 'You've won this auction.'

Farrar says her husband was delighted with the purchase but was less enthusiastic when he had to find a place to store it in the house.

She told LADbible: "Honestly, it was worth it just for the look on his face. And then the reality hit of 'Where the hell are we going to put this thing?' The weight of it is incredible.

"Dom's quite lean and built like a whippet so he fits it alright. I don't think many other people would be able to wear it."