A woman is drinking sperm smoothies to fight off coronavirus.



Tracy Kiss claims that she has not had a cold or flu for three years since she began drinking her strange concoction, which is made using donations from her boyfriend.

The 32-year-old personal trainer said: ''It isn't much different to a mother breastfeeding her newborn to give them the nutrients they need.

''It isn't for everyone but it is packed full of vitamins and I haven't had a cold or flu for three years ever since drinking it in 2017 - I also put it on my face to clear up my skin.''

Tracy admitted many people believe her drink is a joke, but she insists her remedy can benefit people's health.

She said: ''Most people think I am joking because it seems too good to be true that I am being so open about a 'taboo' subject but I am not.

''I am going against societies 'norm' to educate and help other people who are missing out on nutrients. I want to make a difference which is why I am sharing this home remedy.''