A woman has been jailed after making over a thousand nuisance calls to the police.

Bizarre on Female First

Bizarre on Female First

Jelena Bobrova had pestered police operator for the past three years in rambling 999 calls, clogging up the emergency line and costing the force more than £10,000.

Despite being handed a criminal behaviour order in November last year, Bobrova continued to call the police, including 39 times in the space of just four hours on February 16.

Scotland Yard said Bobrova ''appeared to be rambling and challenged police to arrest her'' each time she rang 999.

She initially denied making the calls and attempted to blame them on a technical glitch, but has now been sentenced to ten weeks in prison by Croydon magistrates.

Sergeant Terry Collman said the jail term should ''send a message to anyone who thinks this immature behaviour is a form of entertainment.''

He said: ''Nuisance calls to police are absolutely not acceptable, they are certainly not funny and are a huge waste of time and money.''