A woman joked she'd love to scratch her ''balls in public'' if she was a man for a day.

Bizarre on Female First

Bizarre on Female First

Ben, 25, logged on to the dating app Hinge in the hope of finding love, but when he asked an unusual question in order to get to know one of his prospective dates better, it backfired in spectacular fashion, according to UniLad.

Ben asked: ''What would you do if you were a man for the day?''

And his match Charlotte replied: ''What an opportunity. Spend 4/5 minutes getting ready, maybe not even wear a shirt cos f**k it. P**s whenever (or maybe wherever) for the novelty of standing up.

''Heavily come onto a load of men's rights activists to make them uncomfortable. Definitely catcall them too.

''Keep scratching my balls in public. Sit everywhere with my legs spread wide open and not be judged. Ask someone to kick me in the balls so I know for a fact period pains are worse. (sic)''