A woman is considering dumping her boyfriend after he called her a ''dirty little tomato'' in the bedroom.



The unnamed woman took to Reddit to seek advice on whether she should end their romance, and other users were stunned by the state of the couple's relationship.

She wrote ''The sex we have used to be amazing, buy as of lately I've been asking him to spice things up.

''He's managed to make some changes because he just likes pleasing me and does love me a lot but, today was kind of the last straw.

''We were having really good sex but then in the heat of the moment he said something like 'you're my dirty little tomato'.

''I've never felt so turned off by him in the past months that we've been dating and been sexually active.''

The woman noted her partner only plays video games and is ''super dirty'', with Reddit users urging her to dump her boyfriend.