A woman who received a lottery ticket from her brother as a belated birthday gift ended up scooping the jackpot.

Lottery Ticket

Lottery Ticket

Elizabeth Coker-Nnam won $500,000 after her sibling gave her a Premier Cash Scratcher ticket for the lottery in the US state of Virginia.

Coker-Nnam only received the ticket a few days after her birthday and admits that she actually forgot about it for a few weeks and was prompted to scratch it off while on the phone to her brother. She did so while they were taking and found out she had claimed the top prize.

She said: "I screamed! He screamed! We both screamed!"

The winner's brother joked that he should have kept hold of the winning ticket.

He said: "If I'd known it was that, I'd have kept it."

Coker-Nnam revealed that she will buy her brother a memorable gift for his birthday with her winnings.