A woman is baffled as her husband prefers to sleep next to his mother.

Woman baffled by husband's sleeping habits

Woman baffled by husband's sleeping habits

The anonymous woman has asked online for advice as she explained how her husband will share her bed for the first half of the night, before waking up, sneaking out of the room and joining his parents to wake up with them in the morning.

She wrote on Quora: "My husband sleeps with me but in the early morning he goes to his parents to sleep and I don't feel good about it, according to him that room has better ventilation that is the reason.

"Am I overthinking?"

Plenty of people responded with concerns about his behaviour, while other users urged her to have a conversation with her spouse.

One person replied: "If nothing else, this is strange… and suspect. Who else do you know does this? Let that be your guide."

They questioned how little sleep her husband must be getting, while asking "when did he begin doing this and how long has he been doing this?" The user continued: "Let common sense rule. His behaviour is not normal. However, the reason he gives to justify it is just crazy enough to be true.

"If you doubt it though, begin getting up and leaving with him 'in the early morning.' If you have children, bring them along too. After all, should you not all be well-ventilated?"