Women get worse sleep than men.

Women sleep badly compared to men

Women sleep badly compared to men

A study has revealed that females get less shuteye as their body clock runs about six minutes quicker compared to males - leaving them out of sync with the environment and causing havoc with the internal elements of the brain that signify when they are tired.

An all-female team of experts at universities in both the US and UK reviewed dozens of papers published on the little-understood 'sleep gap' that exists between genders and said that their results demonstrated the "crucial role sex plays" in terms of slumber.

Study author Dr. Renske Lok, of Stanford University, said: "While this (six-minute) difference may be small, it is significant.

"The misalignment between the central body clock and the sleep/wake cycle is about five times larger in women than in men.

"Imagine if someone's watch was consistently running six minutes faster or slower. Over the course of days, weeks, and months, the difference can lead to a noticeable misalignment between the internal clock and external cues, such as light and darkness."