If you are wondering what this strange cake might taste like, the recipe is available on some Canadian Heinz bottles.

Ketchup Cake

Ketchup Cake

The recipe from Kraft Canada is known as Great Canadian HEINZ Ketchup Cake and consists of a bright red two-tier sponge filled with cream cheese icing and covered in icing (we can almost see Mary Berry rolling her eyes!).

And yes, the recipe has been available for quite some time. According to Kraft, it was created for the 100th anniversary of Heinz in Canada.

But since YouTube user Gregory Nuttle posted step-by-step videos of him making this cake, people seem to have gone nuts about it:

In his first video, Nuttle lists all the ingredients he is using – which is surprisingly long and includes red food colouring.

Part II shows Nuttle’s dog having a slice of the ketchup cake.

And finally, here’s the man himself sampling his creation along with his friends.

And the verdict?

“It’s pretty good,” Nuttle approvingly says.

His friends, who were brave enough to try his creation, describe it as “a spiced carrot cake”, “perfectly acceptable”, “moist” and “sweet”.

But third friend Paul was quick to point out he wasn’t too keen on the icing.

“When you eat it with the frosting, it’s really gross,” he says.

So if you have ever wondered what ketchup cake looks like, now you know.

You could try making one yourself. Or maybe just stick to red velvet cakes instead.