Secrets She Left Behind

Secrets She Left Behind

Diane Chamberlain Secrets She Left Behind - From the bestselling author of The Lost Daughter, The Bay At Midnight and Before The Storm..

What if you did something so devastating, you regretted it for the rest of your life?

Nineteen-year-old Maggie Lockwood spent a year in prison for her part in a fire that devastated her local community and cost three lives.  The scars borne by the survivors - inside and out - have not yet healed and Maggie cannot free herself from the burden of guilt or the repercussions of what she did on those who were once close to her.

Returning home, Maggie hides herself away, too afraid to see Keith, the boy she grew up and played with as a child - and recently learnt is her half-brother.  Keith nearly lost his life in the fire and the emotional and physical wounds he bears have changed him forever.

When Keith’s mother, Sarah, disappears one afternoon, saying that she’s going to the store, she leaves him alone with his damaged past and a legacy of secrets that only his enemies - the Lockwood family - can reveal.

Secrets She Left Behind - the latest compelling story from Diane Chamberlain, with a mystery at its heart that will keep you reading to the very last page.

What We Say
Intrugue, betrayal, soulsearching, and deep deep regrets - are all words that can be employed when describing Chamberlain's latest novel. Secrets She Left Behind is a powerfully written book that draws the reader in allowing them to experience the emotions of the characters a must read Joclyn Manners book critic FemaleFirst.

What others Say:
"The plot is intriguing.. an immensely enjoyable read."- Bookbag
"This is powerful stuff.. Told in many voices, it is certainly as compulsive and issue-led as Jodi Picoult with whom she is being compared.  I couldn’t put it down."
The Bookseller

The Author - Diane Chamberlain grew up in Plainfield, New Jersey and is the award-winning author of nineteen novels.  Her UK debut THE LOST DAUGHTER was one of the bestselling fiction titles of 2009, with sales of over 60,000 copies and fifteen consecutive weeks in the Heatseekers chart.   Diane’s background in psychology and her work in hospitals has given her a keen interest in understanding the way people tick, as well as the background necessary to create real, living characters. She writes wonderfully involving novels, presenting the reader with moral dilemmas and issues which challenge our assumptions.  Several years ago, Diane was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, which has changed the way she works: she occasionally types using voice recognition software.  Diane lives in North Carolina, USA.  For more information about her, visit