To celebrate the release of his new book Tested, Alpesh H Patel offers his top tips for people who have an entrepreneurial spirit. 

Alpesh H Patel

Alpesh H Patel

Do you Really Believe in your vision?

Don’t give up too early ... you’re gonna make it ... you’re nearly there but you just don’t know how close you are!

 I gave up on pioneering Safe Bag across Asia. I failed this TEST because I gave up too early. Safe Bag the luggage wrapping system is now in every airport in the world!

Don’t be too comfortable in your surroundings.

Be prepared to reinvent yourself, your company and/or your product to reach your goals.

Khloe Kardashian turned her quest for body beautiful into a money spinning cash cow! Same Khloe, same weight obsession; she was no more aside topic on the Kardashian show.  Revenge Body is in its second series. Hats off!

 Some role models will reach their sell-by date.

Keep them as allies but always look for new role models as times and your objectives change.

Identify and learn from role models; people that have ‘walked the walk’ successfully. If they don’t show it they don’t know it! That said some of your role models and advisors will stagnate!

P Diddy turbo charged JLO’s career. JLO took the advice but eventually moved on because life and business moves on.

'He gave me so many cues and taught me so many things,' JLO on Sean P Diddy Coombs

Learn how to sell and market well

... it’ll make life much easier

You can have the best product but if no one knows about it you’re not going to get far and if your value doesn’t resonate no one will buy. Focus on the orders first. Your rent is due!

Remember virgin brides? How many virgin brides do you know?

“I think because there aren’t many virgin brides, it never really took off,” Richard Branson

‘Innovation is all about taking a traditional business model and flipping the script’

Wearing an uncomfortable cleavage enhancing brassière, Baroness Mone realised she could improve the design to be more comfortable and better looking, whilst enhancing more cleavage.  The Ultimo Bra generates close to £40m in annual revenues

Get Naked-Embrace Failure!

Sometimes it’s the Universe whispering in your ear telling you that “your mission in life lies somewhere else “

Are you wasting your time with tyre kickers?

Know when to drop losers like a bad habit or take a different business direction

TEST relationships in relation to your goals.  Do I Keep and Nurture or do I Drop and lose?

Do you build networks at every level?

Build and nurture contacts of every type at every stage of your life journey. You will be able to leverage these blessings in disguise in the short and long term

Zuckerberg launched Facebook from his university dormitory assisted by college roommates and fellow students.

You don’t need to know everything

but you need to be prepared to do everything

Keep your promises…people will remember you

Ensure that your “Word is your bond”. In today’s world, there is nothing like integrity and ethics.

Alpesh H. Patel is author of new book Tested out now on Amazon and Apple iBooks. It is available in Kindle, EPUB and Print. Published in the UK by Peshmode Ltd. For more information see