Our energetic body is attached to our physical body through seven major energy points, known as chakras. Each chakra represents a different emotion, organ and force within us. As our body’s cells are constantly renewing themselves, there is real potential to influence and transform these chakras. We can do this through our thoughts, feelings, behaviours, but also through what we choose to eat and drink. In the same way that we are made up of energy, foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains are also energy. We can’t create good health by just paying attention to one component, the only way to strengthen our overall health is by looking at our entire energy system, though in this article I will be focusing specifically on the throat chakra and how it can be strengthened.

Annika Panotzki by Sofie Wiberg

Annika Panotzki by Sofie Wiberg

The throat chakra is where we radiate our inner truth and expression. When our inner world is balanced, we no longer have the need to be right, lie, create conflict or gossip about others. This chakra helps us to become transparent. There is a congruence – we are who we say we are and we follow through on what we say we do. There is nothing to hide and nothing to fight, we embody our truth in a calm, powerful expression where we don’t even have to vocalize our boundaries – we simply radiate them.


The colour of this chakra is light blue


The throat chakra relates to how we express ourselves and also talk about others. It’s how we use our voice to manifest our dreams and make ourselves heard. The throat chakra symbolizes moon energy. It’s about magic and opening the door to the unknown and living in harmony with nature’s cycles. It encourages us to allow synchronicity into everyday life by having faith in something higher.


When the throat chakra gets out of balance, we can have difficulty making our voice heard or we start talking negatively about ourselves and others. It also represents spreading gossip and lies and a feeling that life is out of sync and “working against us”. It might also impair our listening ability in a conversation, feeling it’s more important to be right than to be understanding. It also symbolizes difficulty sleeping.


In our body, the throat chakra symbolizes the mouth, oesophagus, the throat and back of the neck, the thyroid gland and the parathyroid gland. It regulates our body

temperature and the distribution of fuel in the body and our weight and how the body extracts vitamins from food.


To get the throat chakra into balance we need to see which doors we need to close in life, where we are no longer receiving positive feedback. It can be an old friendship that no longer feels uplifting, or a job that was rewarding in the beginning but no longer serves us or is fun. The throat chakra is urging us to be true to ourselves and always express our truth. When we talk positively about ourselves and others, our throat chakra is strengthened.


Blackberry, blueberry, blue spirulina, spirulina

Other non-blue throat-chakra foods include: ginger, kelp, lemon lemongrass, lime, mint, nori and rosemary sage.

Annika Panotzki is the author of The Chakra Cookbook published on 10th May priced £20, available on Amazon and in all good bookstores. She is a modern medicine woman with a vision of guiding you back into your own power, heart and wisdom. Her deep knowledge of shamanic energy medicine, plants, herbs, superfoods and healing assists this mission.