The Armada Legacy

The Armada Legacy

Scott Mariani’s latest thriller in the Ben Hope series sees Ben pushed to breaking point in a race across continents. When his ex-girlfriend is kidnapped after a party celebrating the discovery of sunken treasure, Ben sets out to find her and will stop at nothing to bring her to safety. But why has Brooke been targeted, and why is the discovery of treasure from an Armada ship so important?


Mariani’s novels have consistently delivered on fast-paced action and The Armada Legacy is no different. Short chapters and never-ending twists mean that you can’t put the book down, and the high stakes of the plot makes The Armada Legacy as brilliant to read as all the previous novels in the series.


Despite some over sentimental sections, Ben’s character is what drives the series forward and The Armada Legacy explores what really motivates him. I would question the title, however; The Armada Legacy is far more about Ben’s relationship with Brooke than the importance of the discovery. Although Ben and Brooke have officially broken up over suspicions that Brooke was having an affair, the events of the novel make them realise how much they regret the past. Will the events bring them together or will Ben be too late to save her?


It clearly takes a race through a Peruvian jungle in order to overcome the two characters’ stubbornness. My one issue with such a plot, however, is the very technical detail when it comes to military weapons. As with all of Mariani’s novels, significant sections are devoted to describing the weapons being used. Although it does give a realistic edge to the narrative, I’ve never found such detail necessary and Mariani’s novels could so easily be improved by lessening such detail so as not to alienate the reader.


Having said that, Mariani’s Ben Hope series is just as fresh as ever. It’s an enjoyable, fast-paced read from start to finish and I’ve always been grateful for the small chapter size that encourage me to always read one more chapter before I go to bed! I’m eagerly awaiting the next instalment, and I’d recommend giving the series a go to anyone who hasn’t tried it yet.

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