Amazon best-selling author, tech-preneur, global media industry leader, mother of 4 and insuppressibly alpha female, Bianca Best, provides an effective six step plan to redefine success and find both personal and professional fulfilment in her new book Flourish and via her inspirational retreats delivered in pioneering corporates such as Amazon, Snapchat and LinkedIn (92% scored outstanding & transformational).



“Are we really in a progressive era? I don’t believe so. Amazing women aren’t burning brightly., they’re burning out and burning out young. Women are working hard, playing hard and sadly losing respect for themselves and their natural rhythms along the way.

“Across 2 decades of personally chasing unrealistic success ideologies I squashed my authentic nature and repeatedly cracked in the wake of frenzied productivity becoming immobilised by immune collapse.

My epiphany came when I learned to recognise destructive patterns of behaviour, disempowering belief systems, value-compromise and when hitherto revered ‘extreme productivity’ was in fact harmful. I immediately and dramatically broke the undulating cycle. I learned how to step into intentional living and to flourish on my terms respecting life’s delicacy of choices and consequences. I stepped into a vibrant, joyful and fun way of giving my all without hurting myself. I found my Zen and miraculously life stopped being a struggle, it flowed, and I banished burnouts finitely.

“I am excited about helping passionate, ambitious, talented people enjoy progressing through life in harmony with their intrinsic value set, bio-individual energetic balance and personal priorities. To find deep fulfilment and maintainable balance.

“By empowering others with techniques harnessing deep self-awareness, conscious cleansing, positive habits and purposeful action, I teach a simple life philosophy which unleashes best-self happiness and impact.

Bianca’s Transformational Six Step Energy-SCAPE™ Programme to achieve balance and flourish.


Embrace your personal Productivity Balance System by examining and honouring your personal energetic flow. Identify what energises you, drains you and how to tune in to your highest vitality.

Sleep – is it restorative or fitful?

Diet – how nutritionally fuelled and balanced are you?

Fake energy – is your functionality based on borrowed stimulus?

Relaxation – do you practice mindful rest and relaxation based on what rejuvenates you most?

Extreme productivity – is there any element of over exercise, over work, over thinking or over doing in your bountiful life?

Emotional stress – are there any hefty burdens weighing heavy on your shoulders impacting clarity detrimentally?


Growth always begins from within. Understand the delicate nature and richness of your polarities, how to identify and honour your values, learn to observe your mind, detach from ego and how to introduce consciousness as an intrinsic, revelatory aspect of your daily life.


Every transformational journey includes a stage of shedding that which drains you. Learn to recognise what is failing to serve you positively and how to eliminate it from your life. From excess stimulus, to people, to habits, evaluate where spiritual, mental, emotional or physical clutter busting will enhance your happiness and productivity.


Learn how to responsibly achieve balance and success by consciously committing to strategic action. Understand the power of decision and the empowerment that intentionality brings. Harness habits for exceptional living and create routines that move you towards your goals shifting you into unconscious competence.


There are both neurological and psychological benefits to entering states of free-flowing fun and creativity. Reconnect with your inner child when hedonistic pursuits were inspiring, propelling and made every moment an adventure. Consciously plan in fun, frivolity, downtime and laughter therapy into your life and unleash new levels of abundance.


Life offers so much opportunity for invigoration. From endless learning potential, to kindness, to retreats, to conscious thought, discover new ways to enrich your life. Find your why in everything you do and honour it. Once you achieve this level of inspired awareness there won’t be any more segregation and need for balance pursuit as work and play will be one beautiful, continuous blend of pure, harmonious living.

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