It’s not all about winning, but…

Foul and Fair

Foul and Fair

James Hogan’s career as an English teacher is in tatters. All he has left is the boys’ football team he coaches, but rival manager Kieran Butcher threatens to take that away too. After years of doing things the right way, he is determined to come out on top, by any means necessary.

But just how far will James go to succeed?

Single mother and police officer Hayley Birnham is worried about her career, her son, and the string of unusual crimes connected to the local football community.

Fair is foul and foul is fair as James and Hayley try to balance doing the right thing with getting the right result. Game on.

Foul and Fair by Steve Couch is released  28th July 2024 ISBN: 9781835740231 - Price: £9.99

Author Bio

Steve Couch image Roxhill Media
Author Steve Couch image Roxhill Media

Steve Couch lives in Bournemouth with his wife and two sons. He is an FA Level 2 football coach, and a former team manager and club chairman of West Moors Youth Football Club. When not writing, he coaches small children in local schools and large men at Man v Fat Football in Bournemouth. Foul and Fair is his second novel.

Steve explains: “In seven years of coaching a youth football team, I saw lots of committed volunteers who dedicated themselves to giving their players a great experience playing football. I also saw several managers who seemed more concerned with their own status as ‘winners’ than with the wellbeing of the children in their care. The culture clash between the two schools of thought gave me the idea of one of the good guys being drawn further and further to the dark side as he finds himself desperate to deliver a winning season, for the sake of his boys.

Many of the pitchside incidents in the book are based on things that I observed in real life, although as James’ moral compass becomes increasingly confused, he goes to lengths far beyond anything that a real football coach has done (so far as I know!).”


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