Where Rainbows End

Where Rainbows End

Where Rainbows End is Cecelia Ahern's second book, published in 2004 after her number 1 bestseller P.S. I Love You. Rosie and Alex have been best friends since childhood but when Alex and his family relocate from Ireland to America, the pair suddenly become separated by miles of ocean. Can their special connection stay strong despite all the misunderstandings and circumstances they face along the way? The book is written in the form of letters, emails, instant messages and invitations between the two childhood friends and follows them as their lives intertwine and sets them off on different paths.

Written in the same vein as One Day by David Nicholls, Where Rainbows End is about two people who seem to be destined to be together from the very beginning, even as small children. We see their relationship develop and grow through weddings, births, and deaths and watch as misunderstandings keep them apart. Where Rainbows End leads us to believe that Rosie and Alex may never be together and the circumstances are just too complicated, but fate just can't stop meddling. The book is cleverly written by including all the information needed for the reader in the form of a letter or email and the like. Despite this style, the book does not have a stop start narrative and flows well, unlike some books written in a similar prose.

As a follow up from the success of P.S. I Love You, Where Rainbows End does not fail to deliver. What seems to start off as a book written in an ideal world, it quickly turns into a more compelling and realistic read. It takes us on an emotional ride with the lovelorn couple, and throws plenty of curve balls so that it seems impossible to predict the conclusion of the story. Without revealing any spoilers, the only thing that is lacking from the narrative that it just isn't long enough, even though the book is dense at 568 pages. It feels like we have been short changed and makes us want to read on with these characters and their lives - a trait of any good book. This would potentially open up the possibility of a sequel but considering the stage the characters are at when the book finishes, this is unlikely unless it continues with the natural predecessors to the story. A typical will they, won't they narrative with plenty of the dramatic turns, fans of P.S. I Love You will not be disappointed.

By Sophie Atherton @SophAthers

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