Cathy Glass' new book 'Happy Adults' professes that it is the 'secret to lasting happiness, contentment and success' and with that guarantee, she and I am sure many others are very excited about this publication. She tells Female First where the concept began and what other projects she has lined up in order to make our lives more fulfilled.

Happy Adults

Happy Adults

Glass admits that it is something that she has wanted to write for some time. She describes it as a self-help guide that is 'based on sound psychology, tried and tested strategies and has simple, easy to manage, practical examples. I firmly believe that achieving happiness and contentment is not an accident, but something that we can make happen, if we know how.'

After publishing her fostering memoirs she found that she was receiving 'thousands of e-mails from readers around the world who had found comfort in my books and gained a new insight into something I'd said.' The readers were very honest with Glass and shared their 'own worries, sadness and life experience and asked for advice.' She found it something she was not only passionate about but also qualified to do; 'I took great pleasure in helping them.' The emails back and forth confirmed to Glass that she wanted to help people on a greater level, 'I took great pleasure in helping them and it was then I knew I wanted to write some practical guides. 'Happy Adults' consequently followed on from her previous self-help guide 'Happy Kids'.

When asked for her advice to help prospective self-help writers she believes that 'you can't successfully write a self-help guide without having been in the privileged position of being in a counselling role'. She feels her background to be invaluable to the success of her two books, 'my fostering career has centred on helping and counselling others and I have learnt a huge amount.' She believes that there are several aspects of your character that help you to write a self-help guide; 'you need empathy, compassion and you must never ever be judgemental.' One quote that she feels encapsulates this is 'there but for the grace of God go I', which she interprets as 'making bad choices and go down the wrong path'. It is the acknowledgement that 'sometimes we need helpful suggestions to get back on the right path.' For anyone considering this avenue she advises that 'if you feel you have some fresh advice that you would like to pass on through writing a self-help guide do your research thoroughly and write sensitively from your unique viewpoint.'

Glass still uses all of the elements of 'Happy Adults' in her own life as she claims that she 'would never give advice which I was not 100% committed to. I live my life by the philosophy 'Happy Adults' and it works.'

She found that a lot of the psychology for the book was gained during her career in foster care in which she received a lot of training in both psychology and behavioural management. She is continually increasing her knowledge in the areas by 'reading and researching into new approaches to dealing with life's problems and anxieties'. Once she knew that she was going to write 'Happy Adults' she supported this with the latest scientific papers and information.

In her spare time Glass likes to read fiction as well a 'faction' novel based upon a true story, such as the 'Girl in the Mirror' 'Run Mummy Run' and 'My Dad's a Policeman'. In other mediums, Glass feels that television shows offering the same self-help 'give good advice'; however it is 'ultimately the parents who decide what suits their parenting style best'. Unlike popular shows, glass refrains from using the 'naughty chair or step for reasons explained in 'Happy Kids'. Some parents feel that this is however a good tool to use so they 'must do what they feel comfortable with.'

Glass' success with her last two books has encouraged her to continue to write, however this time she writes a true life story, 'A Baby's Cry' (out in March) as well as sending another true life story to her publishers. She is currently working on another self-help guide 'Happy Meals- For Kids' which is 'a guide to healthy eating from children- very topical!' She is contemplating writing another true story, 'I am planning it in my head. I find I can only keep ideas in my head for so long and then they burst out onto the paper. I still write the first draft of a book on paper using a biro.'

When asked how her book differs from those others that line our shelves in bookshops today she told us that 'Happy Adults' comes from a 'fresh and unique perspective. All the strategies have been shown to work- by my readers, some of whom had to overcome appalling early years' experience before going on to lead very happy and successful lives.

The first reader's reviews were fantastic. I am so pleased I have been able to help those people.

Saving Danny by Cathy Glass

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