Succulent Dark

Succulent Dark

Succulent Dark is about a vampire named Teak who doesn't always follow the rules the vampire council try to enforce. He's a total rebel. Finally, he is punished. His punishment is being sent to the Yukon. When he's there, he meets a hot pharmacist who somehow is immune to Teak's powers. It's all about love.


Why is it important to write for your readers but also for your own pleasure?


I think if you write 'formula' romance, and give readers what they expect, you may well sell a lot of books. But you really need to write what you love. When you love what you write, I think it shows. A true writer is an artist and an artist creates something to fulfil a need inside them. It needs to satisfy both the consumer and the creator to qualify as good. Otherwise it's just commercial dribble.


Why are you so interested in how people find love?


The process is very interesting, isn't it? I like the idea that something worth having is worth the effort. Finding true love shouldn't be easy. It might be fated but the process in how people recognise true love is pure magic.


Why can a person not live with sex alone?


Sex can be mechanical. It involves technique, stimuli and response. Without any feeling, it eventually becomes quite empty.


Please tell us about the character of Teak.


Teak is a vampire who yearns for the simple things, although he really doesn't know that until he is forced to live a very simple love in the frozen north. Teak is sweet in his own way, and terribly sexy. He's a magnetic kind of guy that attracts and is therefore perplexed when the object of his desire is not affected by his powers. Teak has to really on good old fashioned methods that mortal men use if he wants to woo the handsome pharmacist.


How difficult is it to give vampire fiction a new twist when it is so widely written and read?


I don't think it's that difficult. I always write from the character. No one character is ever the same. The fact that he is a vampire gives me an extra dimension. Down deep Teak is like any other male.


What is next for you?


Oh my, big question. I just finished a mystery called Angel at the End of the Road. I'm interested in writing mystery. I also just started a new series with A.J. Llewellyn called Rough Riders, about bikers. I'm totally unpredictable. You never know with me but there will always be some guy falling in love with another.


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