Glittering Fortunes

Glittering Fortunes

Charlie Lomax hasn’t seen his brother in years. Cato’s been too busy living the A-list Hollywood dream to bother with the likes of a small Cornish town. But now he’s back. Hollywood and British aristocracy are about to clash as Cato sets out to claim the Lomax legacy he believes is his birthright.

Unsuspecting Olivia needs a job after spectacularly failing to make a life for herself in London. Forced back to Cornwall, she has no idea what she’s letting herself in for by becoming a gardener at the crumbling but beautiful Usherwood estate. She certainly didn’t bargain on becoming embroiled in the biggest scandal of the year, and not least because the brooding Charlie is a man she can’t seem to stay away from…

Oh.  My.  GAWD.  Yes, I’m breaking out the Kentucky accent for this one because it wasjust that good.  And that cover?  Love it!  I think we all know around here that I’m a huge Victoria Fox fan.

Glittering Fortunes was deliciously tawdry and amazing…  and I loved every second of it!  In true Fox fashion (I’m going to coin that phrase) I found myself enjoying the minor characters just as much as the main ones, particularly Cato’s girlfriend Susanna.  She interested me just as much if not more than Olivia… she was hilarious and went from being the typical, one dimensional wicked woman to having a very different side to her.

As ever, Fox has created a brilliant setting and cast of characters in Glittering Fortunes.  The book was exciting and had me racing through it like mad… if for no other reason than to read more of the super smoulderingly sexy Charlie!  There were loads of naughty bits scattered throughout, particularly between Cato and Susanna, if that’s your sort of deal.  The sexy bits were pretty darn good… but anyone who’s read anything by Victoria Fox knows that she writes a good sex scene.

Glittering Fortunes is very different to Wicked Ambition, but not in a bad way.  Wicked Ambition was a true bonkbuster and larger than life while Glittering Fortunes, published by the legendary Mills & Boon, is a romance novel through and through with a more realistic setting and group of people.  Both were fun reads in their own right and interesting to compare.  I honestly couldn’t tell you which book I enjoyed more–they’re so brilliant and so different!

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