Handyman Wanted is published by Luminosity Publishing today, so to celebrate we asked author Heather Kinnane to tell us a little bit more about herself. 

Handyman Wanted

Handyman Wanted

I’m Australian, but I’m not a beach person – I much prefer rainforest or a gently flowing river. I don’t like sport either, or beer. I love BBQs. And I’m convinced the Thylacine (also known as the Tasmanian Tiger) is still alive, hiding in the bush somewhere.

I never intended to write romance or erotica, but I’ve tried my hand at most genres. My first publication was an erotic flash fiction, published by Guy on the Pittsburgh Flash Fiction Gazette in 2012. His feedback was so positive and encouraging I decided to try again. I’ve now published 17 flash fiction stories on his site!

Sally’s house/property in Handyman Wanted is almost exactly like my house. When we moved in, the raised garden bed had been neglected by the previous tenants. Unlike Sally, I still haven’t managed to weed them all.

I love eating food I’ve grown myself, but I struggle with the work required to get to the point where I can eat food I’ve grown myself. I’d really much rather be writing.

I wrote another story in my adult ‘A Faery Dream’ romance series, but it ended up being YA, with more horror than romance, and now I don’t know what to do with it.

After the Australian publisher for A Faery Dream closed down, I decided to try self-publishing. It’s been a massive learning curve, and there’s still a lot to learn, but I’ve really enjoyed the process.

However, having an actual publisher makes everything so much easier, which is why I submitted Handyman Wanted to Luminosity. I’m ever so grateful they offered me a contract!

Most of my family don’t know I write romance. I dread the thought of them reading the sex scenes!

You would think coming up with ten things to share about yourself would be easy, but I think this is one of the hardest things I’ve ever written.

For inspiration on what to write for this I had a look at other authors’ ‘10 things I’d like you to know…’ and now I have another dozen or so books added to my already massive ‘books to read’ list.

Handyman Wanted is published by Luminosity Publishing on 25th August 2017.