Take some precious me-time to write in a journal. You’ll find you enjoy impressive benefits if you follow some simple positive guidelines. Anyone can keep a journal, and it’s not just for those of us with a secret addiction to beautiful stationery! The keys to successful journal writing are to make it enjoyable, make it regular and consistent, focus on the positive, never judge or criticise yourself, and keep it private. Journal writing empowers you to realise more of your potential and be your best self.

The Journal Writer's Companion

The Journal Writer's Companion

There’s been research about it – keeping a gratitude journal increases your sense of wellbeing. Write down just a few things each day that you appreciate and celebrate. This trains you to uplift your mindset. When you focus your attention daily for a few minutes on all the good things in your life, and your own amazing positive qualities, it will help you feel good, and then you will have even more good juju to feel grateful for!

Journal writing is a healthy habit that is FUN and relaxing. It’s a simple way to practise mindfulness, but with a pen in your hand. Learn to feel centred and at peace as you download your thoughts, doodles and inspirations.

Never forget one of your brilliant ideas again. Inspiration can come at any time, but you’ve got to write it down quickly before it vanishes. The amazing ideas of thousands of people first appeared in their journals, where they have the private quiet space to birth new projects. Keep a journal in your bag, and you will find you’re getting more creative ideas.

Get to know yourself and what you really want. This is so empowering, as when you discover, through journalling, what inspires and excites you, this when it starts to happen in real life.

Success is all about building focus, and following it through. Use your journal to get clear and specific about what’s important to you. The more you give attention to this in your journal, the more you realise your own unique sense of purpose. Follow it through with simple step- by-step action plans.

Whenever you have a difficult choice or decision, or a problem to solve, go to your journal first and give yourself peaceful, patient, kind attention as you define the issue and sort through it. You’ll find making decisions becomes so much easier and less stressful.

If you are having difficulty in a relationship, take the time to journal about it before you try to sort it out with the person. Identify the problem, such as the communication from them, and how it makes you feel. Decide on your best outcome, and think through how you can motivate and encourage this person through setting a good example! This way you can always be the one who is enviably calm, centred and happy, and does not lose her cool!

Alyss Thomas

Author of The Journal Writer's Companion