With knitting back in fashion, a new book looks at the important role women had to play during wartime. From scarves and vests, to balaclavas and gloves; throughout warfare, soldiers have relied on knitted comforts sent from home. Joyce Meader is an expert on historic knits and has created garments for many military films including the blockbuster Warhorse, where balaclavas and mufflers were supplied for all the key actors including Jeremy Irvine and Benedict Cumberbatch. 'Knitskrieg: A Call to Yarns!' is published by Uniform, RRP: £18.99.

1. Women want to prove that they can be individuals and the popularity of hand-knitted scarves and hats proves this. They are worn with pride and can display your individual style and colour choices. It's nice knowing that you have a perfect fit and no one else out there will be wearing exactly the same garment as you.

2. Knitting is most definitely out there and groups are springing up all over the country. Women meet in coffee shops, libraries, yarn shops, art galleries, the V&A, in schools and in my hometown they even meet in Ikea!

3. There are many more wool shops around and the strangest places sell yarn these days; the post office, charity shops and very often market stalls in towns. With a rise in families wanting to be green and be economical, the high street has had to cater for this.

4. Women knit to show that they care for someone or to express gratitude; their children, friends and partner. My new book 'Knitskreg: A call to yarns!' shows that beanie hats, made by women and girls that did not even know them, were sent out to soliders in Afghanistan. This made them feel that they were not forgotten.

5. Knitting is a growing movement - look at the online knitting group, Ravelry.com and see how many members there are (over 3 million!) It is estimated that there are around 7 million knitters in the country.

6. The interest in natural yarns from sheep, alpacas, rabbits and goats was promoted by British Wool Week. The UK has the largest number of sheep breeds in the world - over 70 of them!

7. The retro look has also helped to increase the number of female knitters out there. The making of Prince George's solider jumper is a good example of this craze. There have been patterns for little boys out there with soliders on for many years.

8. Knitting can be used for the reason it was invented - to keep warm! Women knit jumpers, cardigans, hats, gloves, socks and mufflers and these keep us warm during the cold weather. After all, we are in Britain!

9. With celebrity fans like Kate Moss and Kirstie Allsopp, knitting is certainly on trend. Women enjoy copying must-have fashion trends, but thank the Lord that many women have forgotten how to knit swimming costumes. They never were a good look and did amazing things when they got wet... Ask your grandmother!

10. Finally, women enjoy knitting. It makes them feel good and it can help if you have a mental health problem. It is relaxing (even when you are determined to finish an item!) and you can see what you have achived and how good it looks.

Joyce Meader

Joyce Meader