The real key to happiness is its realization. No one lives a perfect life; there are ups and downs. Every human has their own problems, but only a few can overcome them and be happy. Those who know the art of finding happiness in every small thing can outnumber problems. Problems are the main reasons why people understand the significance of happiness. Without disappointments and challenges, there would be no realization of happiness. It goes from a process; one faces the problem, finds ways to resolve them, and once it is solved, one gains happiness and satisfaction.

Mary Khalil

Mary Khalil

Some problems have solutions, but some just bring sorrow, disappointments, and tears to the eyes. The pain of losing loved ones can never be healed. Those who are gone, gone forever. There are no ways one can reunite with them in this life. These problems put people in a mourning situation where it is hard to find happiness. Those who suffer from such pain forget to enjoy the upcoming moments of their lives. But that’s not the way things should be. Life should not stop when someone leaves. One must keep living for themselves and those who keep them as their loved ones. This life is mortal and has to end at some point, so one must learn the art of staying happy, thankful, and satisfied. Everyone loses someone at some stage of life, but those who die never want their loved ones to stop living. Overcoming trauma is important. Only a few people can constructively overcome such traumatic incidents. One true example of such individuals comes from an author, Mary Khalil, who went through extreme trauma after her husband’s death, but she learned to understand the significance of life. She kept growing professionally, personally, and spiritually. Despite suffering through extreme disappointments, she found reasons to be happy and create unforgettable moments with her children.

Mary still has not forgotten her husband – her true love, Imad. In fact, she has written a book, $2000 Per Month, that depicts the biography of her late husband. Imad has died, but Mary Khalil has learned to live life while honoring his living memory. She is publishing this book to encompass her husband’s life from birth to death. In this book, she has shared the important aspects of their married life, Imad’s business ventures and his role as a father and a husband. She feels guided by Imad to write this book.

Mary is an example for people who forget how to live after losing someone special. Some become drug-addicted and alcoholic and lose interest in their professional growth. But Mary has played her key responsibility as a mother and a professional. In fact, she still believes in the mantra of learning at every age. Mary Khalil is a self-learner who aims to contribute to her professional growth and personal grooming.

Born on December 3rd, 1962, Mary Khalil is currently working at United Airlines. She has been working for the company for more than 34 years. Despite suffering from various tragedies, she has grown professionally and groomed personally. Mary is the holder of a Bachelor of Science degree and is willing to add more skills and experience even in her 60s.

She has lost two most important men of her life, her dad and husband. Losing them was never easy for her, but she overcame the tragedies. She still wants to create memories and happy moments with her children. Marry has got 4 children; Sarah, Andrew, Diana, and Yusef.

Before Imad, Mary was Married to Jamal Mohammad from 1990 to 1997. She has two kids with him. But the marriage didn’t work out, and they both divorced. After the divorce, Marry went through a tragic situation, but as a firm believer in God, she overcame such mental trauma with the help of God. In fact, she believes it was God who helped her overcome the trauma of the Death of her second husband, Imad. Her faith in God has carried her through her divorce to through Imad’s death.

After losing her father and husband, Marry’s life got badly affected, both financially and emotionally. But she found a reason to be happy. She believes that happiness comes from living in the moment. She can’t change the past, but she can live for today. Marry is living happily for her children and creating her husband’s memories alive through her upcoming book. She is a true self-learner, a responsible mother, a loving wife, and undoubtedly a successful author.

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