A Lady For Two

A Lady For Two

A Lady for Two is a historical erotic romance about an aristocratic couple, Charles and Lise Hessell, who enjoy bringing other men into their bed.  But when an incredibly sexy man from Charles' past ends up employed in their household, Lise's husband oddly wants nothing to do with him.  So of course she has to investigate further...


You also have an interest in zombies so when did this begin?


Isn't everyone scared of zombies? They're a real threat, people! Even the U.S. Centre for Disease Control has put out a guide about how to prepare for the zombie-pocalypse.


But seriously, I've always loved scary books and movies yet I didn't get into the zombie phenomenon until I watched the remake of the Dawn of the Dead movie, which was clever, funny and scary.


Why is there a focus on threesomes in your stories?


I think ménage is a really cool subject yet it's often just two women, one man, and used strictly to titillate men.  I like flipping the idea on its head...what's better than one hot man who adores you? Two hot men who adore you, of course!


Where did the inspiration come from for this story?


A Lady for Two is an anthology piece so I started working on it when my publisher, Total-E-Bound, put out a call for submissions with the subject being domestic service. The subject seemed a natural fit for a historical, which I hadn't attempted yet in erotic romance. I always enjoy the 'marriage of convenience' trope, which explains Charles and Lise's undeveloped emotional connection. Yes, they share sexual adventures but they haven't yet opened up their hearts to each other...which is where Luke comes in.


Do you think a woman can fall in love with two men at once as Lise does?


I think it must be possible because otherwise you wouldn't get all the cheating scandals we do now. In real life, the world is a lot more complicated and society's dictates usually trump but I do like the idea of finding two complimentary personalities that become two very different loves.


What is the best feedback you have had from one of your readers?


Anyone who takes the time to write online that they enjoyed one of my stories is the best to me. I like that everyone has a different take on each story, often in ways I wouldn't have imagined when I was writing them.


What was the appeal of bringing another man into the bed rather than another woman?


A lot of women get off on being adored and possessed and protected so having two men focus all of their attention on her is the ultimate. I think it's also a great way to get around the whole caveman vs. sensitive guy debate. It's hard to find one man who does both well...so why not two who each embody a different side?


I also think the two women fantasy is about the women competing for the man's attention, while the two men stories concentrate on everyone living together harmoniously.  Or at least that's how I see it.


If you could have dinner with any author who would it be?


Argh...so many to choose from! Right now, today, I'd say Stephen King because I love his ability to put so much reality down on the page yet infuse a healthy amount of fantasy and horror. It's the commonplace; easily relatable details that make the horror seem so real.


Tell us how you became involved with Total E Bound.


I answered a submission call for an Angels and Demons theme and that story ended up becoming a stand alone erotic romance called Captive Angel. It was literally my first effort at erotic romance (although I've hearted romance in all of its forms since forever) and to get it accepted was an incredible high. Since then, I've had nothing but great experiences with editing and otherwise dealing with the Total-E-Bound staff. I can't say enough great things about them all!


What is next for you?


My writing often happens in waves so right now I'm penning a few Older Woman/ Young Man themed erotic romance. It's what's exciting me right now, so it's what I write!


You can purchase A Lady for Two at Total-E-Bound Publishing today!


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