As every reader will know, modern life can be incredibly challenging and stressful at times.

100 Mindfulness Meditations

100 Mindfulness Meditations


The daily grind; navigating through the rat race; dealing with those moments of crisis and the many difficult emotions that can arise, from grief and loss to anger and anxiety.


There are many things that promise to help deal with the constant slings and arrows we have to face, but one practice has been scientifically shown to rise above all the others: mindfulness.


Although still relatively new to the western world, hundreds of studies have proven that regular mindfulness practice can have excellent results when it comes to reducing stress and anxiety, increasing our productivity and generally instilling a positive frame of mind and happy outlook on life.


The practice, which is focused on learning to calm the mind by experiencing the present moment, is rapidly catching on in the UK and there are already lots of books on the topic, but new release 100 Mindfulness Meditations by Neil Seligman serves as the perfect, practical introduction.


Rather than bog things down with a heavy exploration of the theory behind mindfulness, which won’t really be of relevance to most readers, this book jumps straight to the fun part: step-by-step instruction on how to incorporate simple and beneficial mindfulness techniques into your daily routine.


Almost like a “recipe book of meditations,” it contains 100 practices, games and tips designed for every taste and every need, with Neil, one of the UK’s leading experts on mindfulness, holding the reader’s hand as they get to grips with the basics.


As the exercises last between five and fifteen minutes, they slot easily into your timetable and the variety will keep boredom from setting in.


It’s also a great go-to resource for those with more experience of mindfulness, and is designed either to be read cover to cover or dipped into at your own pace.


The book is divided into three sections, with the first ushering the reader into the foundations of mindfulness practice, giving them the building blocks to progress deeper.


These foundations include how to let go of your mental traffic and empty the mind, improve the connection between mind and body and replace that nagging inner critic with a more balanced and helpful inner sage.


Neil then covers the nitty-gritty of how to apply mindfulness in daily life, not only through dedicated meditations but by such day-to-day activities as dressing and bathing mindfully, and achieving practical kindness through gifts or services.


Finally, it explores advanced mindfulness, providing tools which can be used during difficult times.


With a new year upon us, there’s never been a better time to try out mindfulness and see what all the fuss is about.


And 100 Mindfulness Meditations is informative enough to be the only reference manual you need as you journey down the road to greater contentment, resilience and capability.


100 Mindfulness Meditations: The Ultimate Collection of Inspiring Daily Practices by Neil Seligman (Conscious House) is available now in paperback, priced £12.99.