As her new book, “Modern Day Shaman: Find A Deeper Connection With Life” is published, Sarah Negus shares with us five tips for starting your own practice of shamanic journeying.

Modern Day Shaman

Modern Day Shaman

Shamanic journeying is a tool for self-knowledge, it takes you into an altered state of consciousness called theta brainwaves, which is the same as rapid eye movement in dreamtime.  In this state, which is the same as a light trance, symbolism, imagery and imagination come into play and overcome the logical mind.  It is different to meditation as it takes the individual on a journey into the subconscious with a purpose, it allows a different perspective to be seen and it offers solutions to problems, challenges and situations in life.  

It is an effective tool for success.  The logical mind is bound to the ego, the ego is here to keep us safe and is formed based on past experience. The ego does not like change, yet change is an ever constant in our lives, change brings growth and many actively search for how to achieve more success in their lives.  

Success means getting very comfortable with change because the next level of achievement comes with personal growth. You will not be able to find your next level in your life without some personal evolution.  Shamanic journey allows you to see yourself, warts and all, and offers ways to overcome any limiting beliefs, thoughts and behaviour.  It brings change in the moment, during the journey.  When you experience a shamanic journey, you feel different and then, as long as that ‘difference’ is embodied in how you live, it will support your process of success.  To give you an example of what I mean, if an understanding is gained during a shamanic journey that you’re doing too many things for everyone in their lives in order to feel useful and be loved, you must stop doing so much, set healthy boundaries in relationships and look more deeply into why you feel you are only loved because you do everything.  

Or, if you discover during a shamanic journey, that you are ignoring your  intuition, usually this happens when you discover you have an inner calm voice that is drowned out by the critical self-talk you are used to, you must actively search out ways to ‘hear’ that calm voice within and act upon your own inner knowing.

Ultimately, shamanic journeying is a powerful way to discover more and more of your inner world and understand how your subconscious mind drives your everyday behaviour.

In order to begin your own practice of shamanic journeying I have put together my 5 top tips to help you.

Clear your mind

This is best done by brain dumping everything that is running around in your mind on autopilot.  Write down everything in your head.  When you have finished, sit quietly in a place that feels good, either crossed legged on the floor or on a chair with your feet on the floor and back up straight.  Close your eyes and focus on your spine, allow your breath to move your body gently as you inhale and exhale.  Allow the rhythm of your breath to bring peace into your heart.

Ground your energy

You cannot receive information if you are not connected to the earth.  With your intention reach down from your feet into the earth, imagine ivy growing down from your feet and legs into the earth. You will feel your body get a little heavier and settle.

Look into your mind’s eye

Look behind your eyes, into your mind’s eye.  Notice the darkness that is the consciousness of you.  The observer within.  The part of you that came when you were born and will leave when you die.  This is your consciousness, acknowledge yourself.

Imagine yourself in nature

Imagine yourself in a favourite place, a woodland or by the sea.  Let the feeling of that place wash over you. 

Ask your question

Once you are settled in this place, you may ask your question.  Accept whatever comes through in response, your answer may be symbolic, that is ok - symbolism as  imagery works on our subconscious mind in ways that bring change.  The trick is not to question. If nothing comes, that is ok too – it may be that the answer you seek will come in a different way, during your dreams or by serendipitous meetings or situations.  The thing to do is to observe yourself in your life.  

Whenever you journey, always bring yourself back to your own body and your own breath, and ground your energy once more on the earth.  My additional, bonus tip is to always journal your experience.

Sarah Negus is an executive coach and Modern Day Shaman® , who counts Microsoft amongst her clientele. She serves clients across the globe, using her 20 plus years of shamanic experience combined with modern psychology to enable them to uncover hidden potential and inspire change, so they can become more successful and earn more money. "Modern Day Shaman: Find A Deeper Connection With Life" by Sarah Negus is published by Serapis Bey Publishing and is available on Amazon from January 2021, priced £14.97 in paperback or £7.99 on Kindle. For more information visit Sarah’s website:

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