We all know that public speaking is one of the most feared activities on the planet.

Shola Kaye by Rachel

Shola Kaye by Rachel

Why? Because we’re afraid of being judged by the audience. One reason we have these fears is because we worry that our audience will think we’re boring or lacking in some way. And no-one wants to feel inadequate so we walk away from potentially amazing speaking opportunities that could change our business, or even our life!

But did you realise that your fave pop tunes contain lots of features you can quickly apply to your next speech to keep your audience eating out of the palm of your hand? Here are just three you can use.

Grab them with a catchy intro

What’s the betting that the first few seconds of your favourite song are catchy and recognizable? These days, we don’t give a song much of a chance. If the intro is boring we’re on to the next one in a flash.

Learn from this by making your speech intro exciting. Don’t send them to sleep with your name, company name and why you’re there. That can come later. First, reach out and touch them with a snappy opening.

A few ways to do this are with questions, quotes, interesting stories or, if you’re using slides, compelling, unforgettable images that pack a punch.

First impressions are lasting - don’t waste your big chance to get them on your side from the start.

Hook them with a chorus they can’t forget

Yep, nearly every hit song contains a catchy chorus…Beyonce’s ”To the left, to the left” or MJ’’s “Thriller, Thriller night”.

The chorus is the bit we remember and keep singing.

What’s the part of your talk that your audience will remember?

Oh, you don’t have one?

Well, remedy that by having a hook line in your speech that you repeat at least three or four times.

Make sure it contains your key message - the thing you want your audience to remember as they make their way home.   Chances are, if they remember your message, they’ll remember you. And next time they need your product or service, wham! They’ll be in touch and wanting more.

Keep it interesting by telling stories

Most songs have a lead character that we learn about and identify with. Something happens to them, or they’re sharing their point of view in the song.

Make sure you mimic this by including some stories in your speech. They can be stories about you, or even about your clients, but it’s the stories that make your audience care. Otherwise you’re giving them a string of dry facts that are difficult to be interested in.

Even if it’s a technical or financial talk, bring it to life with a story about how your solution has changed someone’s life. Download your free storytelling guide here: www.sholakaye.com/samplechapter

Next time you’re chilling with a glass of wine and relaxing to your favourite tunes, remember there’s a public speaking lesson there too! Listen, learn and take your speaking to the next level!

Shola Kaye is author of How to be a DIVA at Public Speaking - the step by step system to engage your audience and present with confidence. She’s a public speaker, a performer and runs monthly public speaking courses for women in business and female entrepreneurs in London.

Download your free sample chapter on storytelling: www.sholakaye.com/samplechapter