Sonya Singh opens up in an exclusive piece for Female First
Sonya Singh opens up in an exclusive piece for Female First

To celebrate the release of her new book The Break-Up Expert, we asked author Sonya Singh to tell us a little bit about her, as part of our 'seven things' series! Here's what she had to reveal...

1. I love romance. I discovered Bollywood movies in my 20s, and although my romances don't always start and finish with a huge dance number, I believe that there will always be a song that gets you swooning. You know, the one where you look across the room at your partner and know that's your love song. That’s the kind of romance I always want to stay in.

2. The best advice I ever received was the worst advice that I turned into the best. (Say that three times). When I was querying, I had an agent tell me that another South Asian Author was also coming out with a rom-com book next year, and therefore, there wasn't room for more than one. Those words made me work even harder to get The Break-Up Expert published, and I am so excited to tell you that there is room for not just this book but also my second one.

3. I am a HUGE fan of Hallmark Christmas movies, so I am incredibly excited to share that I recently joined Crown Media to help create more holiday magic. I will be using my Indian heritage, which is an important part of who I am, to tell a holiday Hallmark movie. I just signed my deal, and I can’t wait to share details about the casting and production as soon as there’s news!

4. Every chapter in my debut begins with a "Dear Breakup Letter." Fun Fact: Each of those hilarious letters have all either happened to people or me I know.

5. I always knew I wanted to be a writer. My parents were both storytellers. They could walk into any room and tell you the funniest spin on some of their personal stories. They were their own comedic duo at times, and I certainly think I discovered that hidden talent as I became older.

6. I became a writer because I found myself in a place where I wanted to see more female leads that looked like me. The experiences that I have gone through as an Indian woman weren't necessarily represented in the pages I was reading, and I wanted to change that.

7. I once read that Jennifer Aniston said she was finally in a "peaceful place." The last few years have been quite difficult for most people during a pandemic. However, turning 40 and debuting a book made me recognise that this is not just one of the most peaceful places I have ever been in but also one of the most magical. I can't wait for more to come.

The Break-Up Expert by Sonya Singh is available now
The Break-Up Expert by Sonya Singh is available now

About the author

Sonya Singh is a former entertainment reporter turned PR professional who has followed her dream of telling stories in front of the camera and now behind the scenes. Her debut novel, The Break-up Expert, is an ode to her own personal dating experiences, during which she honed the art of writing the perfect break-up email/text. Sonya lives in Toronto, Canada. You can follow her at and on Twitter @sonyaksingh and Instagram @sonyasinghwrites.

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