To celebrate the launch of their new book Naturally Delicious Snacks and Treats, the Squirrel Sisters Gracie and Sophie Tyrrell share their top tips for working with your sibling. 

The Squirrel Sisters

The Squirrel Sisters

Skills- although we are sisters we are quite different especially when it comes to what we are good at. Having different skills has been key for Squirrel Sisters growth. We have managed to grow Squirrel Sisters to a successful level without having to hire anyone (up until more recently) because we both had skills that covered a lot of the jobs required to run our business.

Trust- Being siblings that are extremely close means we trust each other implicitly and having trust is one of the most important things in all aspects of life including business. Whether you are siblings or not you cannot run a business with someone you don’t trust.

Respect & Support- running a business is extremely difficult, there will be plenty of up’s and down’s. When you’re facing more of a stressful time it’s important to keep the respect and support each other. We are only 2 years apart in age and know each other inside out so we know when the other one isn’t 100% and we know how to react to each other when in those situations. The most important thing is to remember that we are in this together and that’s what makes it so special.

Celebrate the successes- When you achieve significant milestones in business it’s important to acknowledge them and go and celebrate together, even if that means taking half and hour out to talk about it and get excited. We don’t’ celebrate everything, just the things that really make a difference to our business and brand.

Have Time Out- Working together everyday means the main conversation is business related. It’s important not to forget your ‘non business’ relationship so we make a conscious effort to spend time together away from the business, doing fun things that can take our mind off everything and enjoy each others company.

Team Building- One thing we have started to do and want to do more of is fun activities that benefit our health and wellbeing as a team. It really helps having some time out to de-stress together as well as it being a fun thing to do. We recently went to a Zen meditation lunchtime class and it really does make a difference to how you’re feeling and benefits the overall office culture.

Lunch Break- We didn’t used to take lunch breaks, we used to eat in front of our computers but we realised that this ended up being really unproductive. We now always take a break and use it as a time to catch up as well. This makes the time in the office much more productive and you come back after lunch feeling refreshed.