I'm not good at saying no to an opportunity

It doesn't matter whether that opportunity fits in to my big life plan, but I can't ever turn anything down. That's how I got into the TV show Young Vets, which triggered the books. I coincidentally got talking to the producer at a farm and a few days later I had an email inviting me to join the cast. Despite being terrified at the thought of millions of viewers following me through my training, I said yes.

Jo Hardy

Jo Hardy

I have the travel bug

In the past 18 months I've been to South Africa, Uganda, Morocco, Poland, Gambia, Japan and Singapore, some for work, some for holiday. I love experiencing new cultures and finding out what their life values. It completely has changed my perspective on life and made me realise how lucky I am to have so much

I have a cuddly toy tortoise that has travelled to every country with me

'Timmy the Travelling Tortoise' is that little piece of home that I take with me to every country, yes, even at the age of 26! I was given him as a baby, and he's been on every holiday with me for my entire life.

I am a Christian

My faith has been a big influence in my career. I wanted a career which was servant-heart led, and by being a vet I can bless people by helping their animals. For example, improving a cow's health, improves its productivity, which improves the livelihood of the farmer. Or improving a dog's health, who is the only companion to someone that's lonely, massively influences their life in another way.

I have an arty side to me

I rarely get a chance to express my love of arts, but I enjoy music and play the violin and piano. I also love drawing when I get time and buying paintings when I travel. There's no room on my walls anymore! Writing the books has been a fantastic opportunity for a creative outlet within a career which is so academically-minded

My co-writer is the nicest person ever

Being a new author, my agent wanted to bring in a co-writer and linked me up with a wonderful woman called Caro Handley. I would write many short stories of 1-3 pages each, as well as sit with her for 4-5 days, talking all day with a voice recorder. She put this into some coherent content which I would then add things to. Working with her was like catching up with an old friend, nattering for hours and recalling stories, and never felt like work.

I cried when reading through my second book even though I knew what was coming

With one of the stories about a dog in the South African townships, I was gripped and ended up shedding a tear despite knowing and having lived the story. Some cases throughout my career have stuck in my mind for many different reasons, and this definitely was one of them.

My adventurous personality is just encouraged by my fiancé

I met Jacques 7 years ago, and he is an adventurous, outdoor, man of the wild in South Africa. In those years he's turned me into someone keen for an adventure, no matter how grubby, tough or crazy it will be.

I am a to-do list fanatic

I just can't cope without a list to keep me on track, as I have such a hectic life juggling clinical work, writing, book related things, travelling and exercising my 2 rather fat horses! I'll even put things on the list to tick off that I've already done. It's so sad!

I nearly didn't make it into vet school

When filling in my application, I forgot (or I like to think it was a website error) to mention I had a physics GCSE so the Royal Veterinary College originally rejected me. I didn't take no for an answer so I got in touch and persuaded them to give me an interview. They had already run out of places but offered me a place with a deferred entry, which gave me a year out to travel to South Africa and I met Jacques then. How different my life could have been? I might not have been a vet, or had the opportunity for the TV show or books, and I might not be getting married soon!