The time has come to take a stand AGAINST “one size fits all”. Sophisticated technologies are evolving, rapidly bringing with it endless possibilities especially in the field of biohacking and biomedicine. Biohacking is “do it yourself biology” and consists of “biohackers” (individual) making diet and lifestyle changes to improve health and wellbeing. Biomedicine is a bit more sophisticated and a branch of medicine where biology and biochemistry are used to improve and enhance aspects of the body.

Tania Malan, Ageless

Tania Malan, Ageless

Biohacking is as old as time and examples are where humans use hearing aids, spectacles, contact lenses, supplements, exercise, and diet to manipulate and improve our health. It includes electronic devices such as pacemakers to improve health, fit bits to track progression in fitness as well as calorie burning, and diets such as fasting. Weights to improve muscle, stamina or strength as well as yoga and meditation to relax. Whatever you choose the ultimate aim is to optimise ourselves, prevent illness, and extend health span. Ideally, what we are looking for is agelessness where we cannot be defined by time but also reduce bodily degeneration.

From the moment we develop as foetuses we are different thanks to our specific DNA code. We inherit our DNA through generations and it contains the information that defines us, our body function, growth and look. DNA is further impacted by environment, lifestyle, nutrition etc. We are born (nature) and socialised (nurture) differently. Our DNA contains unique cellular traits including personal health risks such as heart disease, stroke, cholesterol, diabetes, deficiencies, inflammation and immunity to name a few. DNA alone justifies why we each are walking our own unique path and deserve to be treated differently specifically when it relates to our health and wellbeing.

It is time to rebel against the “one-size fits all approach”. We need to overhaul our thinking and improve our knowledge of nutrition, the fad diets, supplements, and aesthetic treatments. Stop taking supplements blindly without understanding what your body needs specifically and wasting money.

Did you know that your body cannibalises from itself to provide the building blocks it requires for the next step in cellular function? When it strips the body from some building blocks it depletes the DNA pool in that particular part of the body (telomere shortening) which then leads to senile cells (senescence) that cause inflammation and then ageing aptly called “inflam-ageing”.

Hormone imbalances occur at various ages (not just menopause) leading to bone resorption, aches pains, brain fog, anxiety, and depression. Understanding your unique bodily needs require nutrigenomic testing (DNA test) now available at various clinics in the UK and in depth hormone testing to determine exact levels of anabolic hormones (testosterone, oestrogen, progesterone, and DHEA). Nutrigenomic tests can unlock your potential health risks which include future chronic disease, inflammation, nutrition, metabolism and much more. It provides the opportunity to prevent cellular ageing leading to chronic disease and advice about nutrition suited to your unique body. Hormones protect bone, brain, heart and skin supporting improved brain function and wellbeing.

Lastly, some of us default to aesthetic treatments to restore and improve our faces. What if you can achieve cellular agelessness with correct hormone balancing, nutrition and supplements alongside your facial treatments? Living longer free from disease and bodily decay whilst still looking like your old self – ageless.

About the author

Tania Malan is the founder and clinician director of Uniskin - a UK-based wellness clinic with a global vision. She has thirty years' experience in trauma and medicine in South Africa and the UK. An eternal student, she has four degrees, three of them at master's level, as well as diplomas in midwifery, psychiatry and general and community nursing. Tania has a deep appreciation of what it is to live well and strives to support everyone to enjoy balance, gain hope and feel ageless. Ageless is published by Rethink Press