Three years ago, bride-to-be Aoife died at her own hen party.

psychological thriller The Villa

psychological thriller The Villa

Now the hens have returned to the villa where that terrible weekend unfolded. They long for closure, but the moment they step back inside, old wounds open and tensions begin to rise.

Everyone has a different version of what happened that night.

The Villa will hold you tight with its twists and turns as toxic female friendships, simmering resentments, and the hidden allegiances amongst groups of women bubble to the surface when a dream hen-do becomes the stuff of nightmares.

The Villa by Jess Ryder publishes 18th July 2024 Penguin Books Paperback £8.99

About The Author:

a picture of best selling Author Jess Ryder

JESS RYDER is the bestselling author of nine psychological thrillers.

Her novel The Ex-Wife was recently adapted into a Paramount+ TV series to the acclaim of critics and viewers alike and her thrillers have been read by countless readers. She lives with her partner in London and has four grown-up children.


From the opening lines through to the concluding paragraphs the reader is teased with subtle clues, (or are they what they seem), as the intrigue builds. Who is telling lies, whos version of the events is the truth, and will it come out? A truely absorbing and well written novel. Femalefirst

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