1-) Sibel started writing the children’s book series “Witchy Travel Tales” when she was getting divorced. They went through a difficult divorce and because of the tension between the parents it was difficult to stay in touch with the kids. That's why Sibel tought her child to use WhatsApp and bought her a mobile phone. Sibel wrote her first story when her kids went away with their dad on holiday for the first time. When her kids begged for a goodnight story, Sibel texted them paragraphs of an imaginary tale. Her kids loved these messages and Sibel later compiled the various messages into her first book.

Sibel Beadle

Sibel Beadle

2-)  Sibel still misses her kids a lot when her kids go away with their dad. That's why when her kids are away Sibel visits the country side in England and holes herself up to write a new story. Because of this Sibel has explored many beautiful locations in England and the world and has written stories about places she has visited every time her kids went away with their dad. Her writing deliberately tries to inspire kids to visit these magical places. 

3-) Sibel is a very open parent and discusses everything with her children. Topics such as racism, bullying are openly discussed in Sibel's household and Sibel often uses these topics in a story to gently teach a child the difference from right to wrong. Therefore, Sibel's stories include topics such as bullying, racism in a child appropriate maner and her stories try to help kids deal with the real problems children face in today’s world without losing a sense of magic.

4-) Like every author Sibel also has a writing routine. For her it is important to have happy thoughts when writing and to clean herself from worries before starting to write. Therefore, Sibel hikes with her faithful dog Mickey for a few hours to clean her mind and slip into the mind set of a child, before she sits down to write her books.

5-) Sibel hasn't always been a children book author. Sibel has a Ph.D. in Financial Economics from the University of Chicago and she worked in the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). She worked for 20 years in this profession before stopping to work as a senior Banker in the City to be a full time author.

6-) As a senior banker Sibel often had missed Christmas plays and other important things for her children. One thing Sibel loves about her new life as an author is that she can now pick up her kids from school and doesn't miss important dates of their kids due to work.

7-) Sibel loves visiting schools and reading to kids. This is because she loves children and it makes her happy to see the reaction of kids to her books. In addition to this, Sibel also does a creative writing session with kids after the book reading and she often brainstorms for the story line of a future book together with the school kids. Kids love being part of this process and Sibel collects many good ideas during these sessions.

8-) Sibel had to wear a business suit to work as a senior banker and after wearing a suit for 20 years she was very tired of the boring monotone of wearing a suit, usually in grey or black. She loves that instead of a business suit as she used to wear at her previous work, her outfits as an author are relaxed colourful and bohemian. She also loves being able to wear open shoes and sandals to book readings instead of the highheals she had to wear as a senior banker.

9-) Sibel's younger daughter almost died as a baby and Sibel spent 5 nights in the hospital worrying about her child and watching other sick children and worried parents in the wards. She feels strongly about helping other kids and parents who are less fortunate and have to spend time in the hospital. Therefore, she regularly visits sick children in hospital to read to them her books.

10-) Sibel loves her job as an author and her head is full of story ideas she wants to write. Writing children books makes her very happy and she never wants to retire and is planning to write children's books until she dies.

About the author: Living in Billericay, Essex with her two daughters Sibel Beadle previously worked as a senior banker for the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development in Central London before becoming a full time children’s author. Previous titles in her Witchy Travel Tales series include; The Seven Sisters andSleepless in Stonehenge (Grosvenor House Publishing Ltd 2017). The third, The Golden Bunny of the Lake District is published by Grosvenor House Publishing Ltd March 2018. All three books are available to purchase in paperback RRP £6.99 from online retailers including amazon.co.uk . For more information please visit: www.witchytraveltales.com