Political influencer and female activist Paola Diana is soon to embark on a new challenge - a charity boxing match.

Paola Diana speaks to Female First about her upcoming boxing match

Paola Diana speaks to Female First about her upcoming boxing match

Paola has been fighting for women and the feminist movement for some time, and now she is going to begin fighting in the ring, to break down the barriers for women in sport.

“For me, I don’t even see it as a career; I see it as a mission. I couldn’t live in any different way. I hear the struggle of women fighting for their rights all around the world and I took it upon myself to do everything in my reach to change the status quo.

“I am a natural born leader and people tend to listen to me and be inspired by my energy, my passion and my words. So I thought why not put this to positive use.”

“I worked in politics behind the scenes for five years. Whilst I saw the beauty of politics and the lives you can change, I also saw the amount of misogyny and poor attitudes towards women within the industry.

“I guess this just sparked an uncontrollable desire in me to move to the UK and build on making a change for the feminist movement.”

Exactly a month today, Paola will take on US actress Meredith Ostrom at the Grosvenor House Hotel in Mayfair. The event will be hosted by Cauldwell Children and Ewing Law and will convene an audience of world champion boxing legends and celebrity attendees from the world of sport, TV and film.

Paola hopes to put across a simple message from this event… Fight like a woman!

“I want women to see that they can be strong and self-confident at any age - after they have kids, before they have kids, when they are working and they feel they have no time for themselves, when they are ageing and they feel down about growing older.

“This toxic culture is killing women and their self-confidence, and I want people to come together and create a new one where women can be whoever they want. Women can be and do whatever they please. I want to show that physical strength is connected to mental strength…”

Training for a big event like this is never an easy ride - even for the professionals.

Paola has never boxed before, but her experience in Muai Thai and Krav Maga have set her up nicely to build on her ability and stamina.

For Paola there has still been some tough moments, but with a true fighter mentality she has conquered motivational struggles.

Paola Diana has a positive mindset that helps her drive to conquer new challenges
Paola Diana has a positive mindset that helps her drive to conquer new challenges

“Training is going really well. I have always been active so it wasn’t such a big shock to me, but I usually kick more – which of course cannot be done in boxing!

“There are days when you wake up and feel like you don’t want to train (especially when the weather begins to dampen!) and it can be a struggle. But every day I force myself to do it, as I know it is good for me. That’s a winner's mentality!”

With the event being a first for Paola and featuring other celebrities, it would be understandable for her to feel apprehensive as the date gets closer. But Paola says she fears nothing and trusts her confidence will allow her to enjoy the new experience.

“I feel nothing but excitement. I certainly don’t get fazed by meeting other celebrities! I can hold my own anywhere.”

There are many women who will have thought about taking up boxing themselves, but with the masculine stigma it can be sometimes be difficult to take up these types of activities. Thankfully, Paola is on hand with some advice for anybody who wants to give it a go!

“Just go for it! Train hard and it will be worth it.

“I’d recommend learning self-defence, and Krav Maga is the best.

“I train with the best instructor in town, Ben Wagstaff of Krav Maga Uri Refaeli! You should definitely check him out!”

“I don’t always believe in luck – I believe you make your own luck in this world. You win a fight before, outside the ring, not inside.

“Mind-set and a good regime of training will be my luck.”

Paola will step in the ring with Meredith Ostrom on the 19th October.

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