Alex Pettyfer hopes those who had to graduate college amid the coronavirus pandemic will have a sense of “unity” that other generations lack.

Alex Pettyfer

Alex Pettyfer

The ongoing health crisis forced millions of college and university students to miss out on their graduations this year, as well as meaning they were unable to head out to find work as many businesses were closed.

And now, 30-year-old actor Alex has spoken out to offer some words of encouragement to those young people impacted by the pandemic, as he asked them to “promote unity” and “look within”.

He said: “For the generation that has come out of college and is looking for opportunity and work, I think the time right now is about reflection and taking one step at a time. I don’t think I’m ever in a position to give advice because I’m constantly learning about the ever-changing world that we’re living in, but from my own personal experience, I feel like this has been a very tough and strange time for a lot of people around the world who have suffered, and through this suffering a lot of people had to look within.

“I think the hurdles that a lot of people will have to overcome is going to promote this unity of us coming together, working together and not having individuality of this small .01 percent that we’re all trying to reach, which is that rich, high life. I think it’s about coming together, being together and creating together, whether that be in a financial market or creative market.”

Whilst it may feel difficult for young people to get a head start in life during the pandemic, the ‘Endless Love’ star hopes they stay strong and find creative ways to find work, rather than just taking “no” for an answer.

Speaking to ET Canada, he added: “I’ve been told no in my industry more times than I can remember. Maybe 99 percent more than the ‘yes’s,’ but there’s been a few times where I haven’t agreed with the answer no and fought for being a part of a film and annoyed someone so much that they had to say yes.

“I did that on ‘The Butler.’ If you notice, I’m only in it for two minutes at the beginning and that’s because I annoyed Lee Daniels, who is a personal friend of mine, so much that he wrote me in the movie at the beginning and sent me the pages and said, ‘There you go. Stop calling me.’”

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