Andy Dick has been arrested on suspicion of sexual battery.

Andy Dick has been arrested

Andy Dick has been arrested

The 56-year-old comedian was taken away by Orange County Sheriff's Department police on Wednesday (11.05.22) from his trailer at California's O'Neill Regional Park, and the moment was broadcast live.

Law enforcement sources told TMZ that Dick was arrested for felony sexual battery after an adult male at the park alleged Andy had assaulted him.

Dick's arrest was live streamed on Captain Content's RV stream.

Sgt. Scott Steinle, a sheriff’s spokesman, said police responded after an adult male called the authorities about a possible sexual assault, and Dick was arrested on suspicion of felony sexual battery.

In November, the star was arrested for felony domestic battery after he allegedly hit his partner with a bottle.

But he was released around three hours later after posting a bond of $50,000.

In June last year, he was arrested for allegedly assaulting a man with a deadly weapon and was released from jail after posting a bond.

His fiancee at the time, Elisa Jordana, spoke out about the incident.

She said: "I saw pictures, I saw the video; it’s not good. It was the worst week with him. Every day there was some sort of problem."

Elisa later admitted things were "not going too great" with Andy after she talked about his arrest.

She said: "He’s mad at me. I regret saying it, but I want to help. I want someone to help me. It’s very hard dealing with these things. I love Andy and he is the best in many ways. In hindsight maybe I shouldn’t have said anything, but I did. And I feel alone.

"He’s a cute guy. A talented guy. He’s helped me tremendously, he makes me laugh, he has a lot of characteristics that are really good."

The 'Less Than Perfect' actor was previously sentenced to 14 days in jail for sexual battery in 2019 after squeezing a random woman's butt in the street and failing to complete his community service.

And in 2018, he was charged with misdemeanour sexual battery after an Uber driver accused him of grabbing his crotch.

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