Anne-Marie Duff accidentally joked about her sex life with Prince Charles.

Anne-Marie Duff and ex-husband James McAvoy

Anne-Marie Duff and ex-husband James McAvoy

The 49-year-old actress - who has son Brendan, 10, with ex-husband James McAvoy - made the gaffe when the prince asked her and her then-spouse if their respective careers left them with little time for one another.

She recalled: "My most embarrassing moment involved Prince Charles. I was at a premiere with my ex-husband.

"Prince Charles said, 'I suppose you two never see each other.' I said, 'We see each other in bed.' "

The 'Salisbury Poisonings' star gets starstruck around musicians she admires and would rather not speak to them if they're in the same room.

She said: "I only get starstruck around musicians. If I'm in the same room as Elvis Costello or Rufus Wainwright, I want to fall off my chair. I never approach them - I don't want to burst that bubble.

"I love how fandom makes you feel 15 again. If someone feels 'other', I don't want to pedestrianise them."

Despite her years of success, Anne-Marie worries it will all come to an end because she's never fully felt like she belongs.

She admitted to Observer magazine: "I suffered from impostor syndrome when I was starting out. I come from a working-class background and often felt like I didn't belong.

"That never leaves you completely. Even the most successful actors have this constant worry that a timer is about to go off and the jig will be up."

The former 'Shameless' actress believes the most important thing in life is love.

She said: "Love is the key to happiness. Coming from a very poor background, I know that money makes life a lot easier. But love is more important. To know that you're loved, to know you're worthy of love, to have love around you, to give love - that's all we can hope for.

"Happiness is fleeting. There are hills and valleys. But if you can lean on love, then you're safe."