Ariana Madix is open to having kids with Daniel Wai.

Ariana Madix is open to having kids

Ariana Madix is open to having kids

The 39-year-old TV star started dating Daniel last year following her acrimonious split from Tom Sandoval, and Ariana has suggested Daniel has changed her attitude towards motherhood.

During the latest episode of 'Vanderpump Rules', Ariana said: "He is the first person that I've met that I'm like, 'Oh, is that what that would be like?'

"I just think that he's opened my mind and opened my eyes to a lot of different possibilities that I could not see [before]."

Ariana admitted her thoughts about starting a family have changed in recent months.

She shared: "In retrospect, Tom being my partner affected my feelings on having kids a lot more than I thought it did.

"I feel like, with Dan, I've kind of had my eyes opened to the fact that there are different types of partners out there who would actually be a real 50/50 partner, or if I can only give 10 percent that day, he's ready to give 90."

Ariana split from Tom after it was revealed he had a months-long affair with Rachel Leviss, 29, who subsequently cut ties with Tom and moved on with her life.

The former 'Vanderpump Rules' star - who spent time in a mental health facility last year, after the scandal broke - said on her 'Rachel Goes Rogue' podcast: "It’s so clear to me now [why I wouldn’t be friends with him]. But back then I was still in communication with him but trying to distance myself and not call him from the Meadows."

Rachel and Tom were initially in constant communication while she was at the facility.

But ultimately, Rachel determined that their interactions were actually doing her more harm than good.

She explained: "We had scheduled phone times in this inpatient trauma therapy centre. Then if I didn’t reach out to him one or two days, he would be upset by it. And [he would] really kind of take out his frustration on me and so it made me feel like I had a responsibility to maintain his emotional needs."