Arnold Schwarzenegger is being sued by a cyclist he allegedly hit with his SUV.

Arnold Schwarzenegger sued by cyclist

Arnold Schwarzenegger sued by cyclist

Back in February, the 76-year-old actor was involved in an accident with cyclist Joanne Flickinger, who is alleging in a new lawsuit that Schwarzenegger's “negligent” driving caused the collision.

According to her lawsuit, which was viewed by the Los Angeles Times, Flickinger accuses Schwarzenegger of driving “with excessive speed and [failing] to keep a proper lookout” on San Vicente Boulevard in Los Angeles.

She alleges the collision caused her "severe injuries" which are "permanent".

She is seeking damages exceeding $25,000 for “past and future pain and suffering, emotional distress; past and future loss of earnings; past and future loss of earning capacity; past and future medical expenses; past and future healthcare expenses; past and future incidental expenses; and past and future household services".

At the time of the accident, law enforcement sources told TMZ: "the woman made a left turn in front of Arnold before he had a chance to hit his brakes and he was not going very fast at all".

While Flickinger was transported to hospital, Schwarzenegger took her bicycle for repairs at a local bike shop.

LAPD Officer Mike Lopez told The LA Times in February: "No crime was committed". He added that the cyclist didn’t have life-threatening injuries.