Björk loves living in Iceland because no one there "gives a f***" about celebrities.

Björk loves living in her native Iceland

Björk loves living in her native Iceland

The 57-year-old singer is a native of the Nordic island nation and even though she has lived in places such as New York and London throughout her career, prefers living in the country's capital city of Reykjavik because there is "not much hierarchy" to deal with.

She told The Observer: "It's very easy [to live a normal life here.] That’s another of the reasons why I love Iceland, we don’t give a f*** about celebrities. You will meet the president in the supermarket. "If you’re going to be on a high horse, you’re just going to be knocked down from it very quickly. There’s not much hierarchy here.

The 'It’s Oh So Quiet' songstress did admit that tourists of the Nordic country can be a "pain" for her but she just avoids going to the areas which are often populated by holidaymakers.

"It’s just the tourists that sometimes can be a pain in the a***for me if I’m out and about. But I just don’t go on the streets where I know they are."

Björk has son Sindri , 37, with ex-husband Þór Eldon as well as 21-year-old daughter Ísadóra with director Matthew Barney and explained that after years of having to split her time between New York and Iceland, she will not leave her home country and "loves" being in a European capital.

She said: "When I had a house in Brooklyn, I was half there and half here. So I never let go properly. My daughter went before Christmas to school here in Iceland, and after Christmas in Brooklyn. I won’t leave. I love the fact that I’m in a capital in Europe, but I live on a beach and I can see the mountain range.

"And then of course all my friends and family live literally five minutes’ walking distance from my house. Even better, particularly in the last 10 years, we have one of the best film festivals in Europe here, one of the best music festivals, one of the best dance festivals, one of the best book festivals.

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