Ben Mendelsohn almost had his head “kicked right off” working in an abattoir.

Ben Mendelsohn once worked in an abattoir

Ben Mendelsohn once worked in an abattoir

The ‘New Look’ actor admitted the worst job he’d ever had was working in an animal slaughterhouse as no matter what he had to do there, it was very unpleasant.

He told Empire magazine: “The worst job I ever had in real life was an abattoir. That was really tough.

“There are two jobs to be done; one is to take a sample for tuberculosis, the other is to read the tag number on the tail to match. So there’s one person below, one up top.

“If you’re up top – and this nearly happened to me – you can get your head kicked right off. You can be killed up there.

“And down below you get completely covered in s***”

The 54-year-old actor recalled his worst ever meal to be one he was served by a “hippy cult kind of group”.

Asked the most disgusting thing he’s ever eaten, he said: “It was in the late 80s. Someone cooked up this vegan coriander dish but they cooked the coriander in the lentils.

“This was this hippy cult kind of group and this coriander thing was just the most disgusting thing I have ever had in my life.”

Ben is at ease with himself and doesn’t mind people seeing him naked.

Asked when he was last nude outdoors, he said: “Last week in Brazil. I mean, why not?

“No-one knew me. I had to run from one place to another. Just a couple of doors down so it was a quick run.

“It was around 9pm so there were probably only 15 people or so around. I didn’t stroll. I was as police as I could be.”

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