Christine Quinn's husband has been ordered to move out of their home.

Christine Quinn's husband ordered to move out of their home

Christine Quinn's husband ordered to move out of their home

A judge has approved Christine's request for a temporary restraining order against Christian Dumontet and ruled that he must vacate their Hollywood home.

Christian has also been ordered to hand over login information for the home's security systems and he has been forbidden from coming within 100 yards of Christine, her home, vehicle, job or their son Chrstian Jr's "school or childcare", according to PEOPLE.

The order is in effect until a hearing on April 17.

Christine recently filed for divorce after five years of marriage and, in court documents obtained by PageSix, she alleged that when she initially broke up with Christian, he started yelling at her, throwing floral arrangements and urinated on the floor in a "rampage" before fishing dog faeces out of the bin and throwing them at her.

She said: "I then locked him out, and our son and I spent the night in the master bedroom. I could hear him continuing to shout and yell, and could hear him smashing and breaking things through the house."

Amid the divorce proceedings, Christian had tried and failed to get a restraining order put in place against Christine,

The entrepreneur was arrested following an alleged domestic violence incident earlier this month, and he subsequently submitted a request to the court demanding the 'Selling Sunset' star move out of their home, as well as asking a judge to restrict her travels with Christian Jr.

However, according to PageSix, the judge denied the request until the legal meeting on 17 April.

The documents stated: “The facts given in the request … do not show reasonable proof of a past act or acts of abuse."

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