Colin Farrell has been "eating cheeseburgers for breakfast".

Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell

The 39-year-old actor recently piled on the pounds to star opposite Rachel Weisz in the sci-fi comedy movie 'The Lobster' and Colin has revealed he "ate like a fool" in order to play the role.

Colin said: "It was fun for about two days. And then I was over-eating cheeseburgers for breakfast. I ate like a fool, you know? Chocolates and biscuits beside the bed. I'd wake up at three in the morning and, with my eyes closed, just get eating.

"At the start, I was having to shovel it in, and by the end, to keep my body going, I had to eat every few hours."

However, the Irish star revealed the unhealthy lifestyle affected his mood.

He told Shortlist: "I'd be in a bit of a funk. You slow down a bit. Things were a little more physically taxing. You're putting so much sugar into your body that your moods would be changing. But it was fine. I knew it was for a very specific purpose, and I was gonna be in and out."

Despite the sacrifices he's made for the role, Colin insisted he's philosophical about acting awards.

He shared: "If the film is received well, and people go and see it and like it, that'd be amazing. Anything else, any of those awards things, they're fun: you obviously don't take them seriously. But if you completely go, 'It means nothing,' then ... it does mean nothing. Everything means f**king nothing, if you really want to break it down and get down to it."