Derek Hough has a breakthrough case of COVID-19.

Derek Hough has COVID-19

Derek Hough has COVID-19

The 36-year-old TV star has taken to Instagram to share the news of his diagnosis with his social media followers.

He explained in a clip: "I wanted you to hear it straight from me. Even though I've been fully vaccinated, I've just been diagnosed with a breakthrough case of COVID."

Derek subsequently revealed that he's "only just found out" about his diagnosis. However, he also reassured his followers that he's feeling "OK" at the moment.

Derek - who is currently working as a judge on 'Dancing with the Stars' - added: "I feel strong, but I'm currently taking advice from medical professionals. Doing everything I can to get better as fast as I can.

"I'm currently in quarantine and I'll make sure I keep you guys all updated with what's going on. I just wanted to send a lot of love out there to all."

In September, Cheryl Burke and her celebrity partner, Cody Rigsby, both tested positive for COVID-19.

The diagnosis meant that Cheryl and Cody were forced to take a break from 'Dancing with the Stars'.

Cheryl, 37, said at the time: "The PCR test came back, and it came back positive.

"I feel so bad for Cody. I feel like I'm letting him down. I just feel like s***, to be quite honest. And it's so overwhelming because it's Sunday, and the show's tomorrow.

"I figured I should let you guys know since I've been as open and as real and vulnerable as I could be here. I just hope I didn't spread it. For those of you who don't think COVID is a real thing, it's f****** real, dude."

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