Dita Von Teese feels "better and stronger" than ever.

Dita Von Teese feels better than ever

Dita Von Teese feels better than ever

The 50-year-old burlesque dancer is nearing the end of her Glamonatrix Tour, and Dita has insisted that she actually feels better than ever before.

She explained: "I think I’ve been asked about my age and retirement since I was 30. So much needless stress and worry … it’s really a waste of time. And for what? Despite the fear that’s been instilled in me my entire life about ageing, I feel it’s important to go through the stages of life, doing what I believe in, for as long as I like it.

"I’m 50, but I feel better and stronger than I ever have … and I’m selling out 3,600-capacity theatres, so it doesn’t seem like the time to stop."

Dita wears a number of eye-catching outfits during her Glamonatrix shows, and the burlesque dancer revealed that she's a particular fan of her tiger tamer costume.

Speaking about her daring outfits, Dita told the New York Post newspaper's Page Six column: "Glamonatrix is a term I came up with to describe the power of glamour. Ever since I was a teenager, I’ve been fascinated by art and vintage photos that depict fetishism, particularly the idea that certain types of clothing are considered risque and create desire beyond just sex.

"The tiger tamer costume is a favourite, especially the incredible boots Christian Louboutin created for it. He also did a pair of crotch-high patent leather Victorian-style button-up fetish boots in the spirit of John Willie, complete with spinning spurs.

"Christian and I have a lot of fun coming up with fantasy footwear that is truly museum-worthy, and downright precarious to walk in!"