Eric Idle has to keep working into his 80s because he's no longer making any money from Monty Python.

Eric Idle has opened up about his money troubles

Eric Idle has opened up about his money troubles

The veteran comedian, 80, has admitted it's "not easy" working long past retirement age but he insists he has to keep making a living because income streams have "tailed off disastrously" in the years since his success with the comedy troupe as well as his spin-off musical 'Spamalot'.

In a series of posts in X - formerly known as Twitter - he explained: "I don’t know why people always assume we’re loaded. Python is a disaster. 'Spamalot' made money 20 years ago. I have to work for my living. Not easy at this age ... We own everything we ever made in Python and I never dreamed that at this age the income streams would tail off so disastrously."

He added: "I don't mind not being wealthy. I prefer being funny. I don’t like being assumed to be wealthy. It’s different. I think Python was Executive free comedy ... A fool and his money are easily parted. Imagine how quickly a group can do it ... "

Eric went on to insist he won't ever work on a Python-related project again, adding: "I’m doing no more Python. I gave already. Ungrateful ... "

When one of his followers joked about setting up a crowd-funding page to help " impoverished British comedians", the funnyman insisted followers should give their money to a cancer charity instead.

He went on to thank all his fans for sending supportive messages following his revelation, writing: "Thank you for all your kind words and encouragement. It means a great deal to me.

"In the words of David Frost - 'Thank you for your support: I will always wear it' ...

"I still love and am proud of what we did as Python. It was a very unique group. I think of us as an ex Liverpool team. We played together well. Way back in the day. But it was never very supportive of people’s feelings and emotions. Not Brothers. Colleagues."

Eric was also supported by his daughter Lily Idle, who added on the platform: "I'm so proud of my dad for finally finally finally starting to share the truth.

"He has always stood up to bullies and narcissists and absolutely deserves reassurance and validation for doing so."

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