Hilary Duff plays tennis with husband Matthew Koma "so they still like each other" in years to come.

Hilary Duff and Matthew Koma play tennis together to keep their marriage strong

Hilary Duff and Matthew Koma play tennis together to keep their marriage strong

The singer/actress wed second husband Matthew in 2019 and she told him they had to pick a sport they could play together in a bid to keep their relationship happy and stable - so they now play tennis every week without fail.

She told Women's Health magazine: "I play tennis every Sunday. My husband and I have that together, which is really nice. About two years ago, I told him: 'Here's the deal: We need a sport so we still like each other when the kids leave the house'.

"So now, we ski, which is obviously seasonal. And we play tennis together, which is really fun."

Hilary - who is mum to son Luca, 11, with her ex-husband Mike Comrie and Banks, five, and Mae, two, with Matthew - also shared her work-out regime explaining she enjoys lighting weights as well as cardio and she never skips a session even on the holidays.

She added: "We have so much going on with school events and birthdays and other stuff. Our fall is really busy. And we always host Thanksgiving and Christmas at our house ... You feel like you spend all day eating and drinking, so it's nice to get it [a work-out] out of the way and just know you did it.

"All the places that I work out at are open on the holidays in the morning for one class."

She went on to add: "There's nothing better than the way [that work-out] makes your skin feel. You feel like you got rid of what you needed to get rid of, and then your skin just feels so nice. I really like that feeling."

The couple celebrated their third wedding anniversary last year, and Matthew wrote a sweet note to his wife on Instagram acknowledging that marriage isn't easy but the tough times are all part of a healthy relationship.

He wrote: "Anyone who says marriage is easy hasn't been married or is raging slightly too high a microdose. But the work is the best part.

"The beauty truly is in going deeper with someone than you've ever been before and navigating an invisible map that only the two of you can trek. The hard stuff makes the great stuff even greater. Thank you ba for loving me. I know that isn't always easy."