Jennifer Lawrence "humiliated" herself in front of Harrison Ford.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

The 'Hunger Games' star says she embarrassed herself in front of the 73-year-old actor and 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' director J.J. Abrams by "dancing like an idiot".

Speaking on The Graham Norton Show, she recalled: "I probably humiliated myself more than ever before. I never assume anyone knows who I am, but when I spotted Harrison Ford and J.J. Abrams, I was like, 'It'll be fine, we're all co-workers, right!'

"So I went up to them and started dancing like an idiot and the whole table just went quiet and stared at me. I realised while I am dancing that they had absolutely no idea who I was so I just turned around and walked back to Jack [Whitehall] dying of embarrassment."

And it is not the only time the 25-year-old actress, who is infamous for tripping on the red carpet, has been left red faced as she previously revealed her dress came undone when she introduced herself to Francis Ford Coppola.

She shared: "Everybody thinks they've witnessed my most embarrassing moments but there's these two really humiliating stories ... that I've never talked about because it's so genuinely embarrassing. But now I feel like the statute of limitations on humiliation is up, and I'm ready.

"I started walking [over to Coppola] and I noticed I was barefoot, but I was like, 'Eh, they probably won't notice.' So I'm barefoot, and I, like, introduced myself, said, 'Oh, I'm such a huge fan! 'The Godfather!' Ahhhh!' And then went on and introduced myself to the whole table, 'Hi, I'm Jennifer Lawrence.' They had no idea who I was. Then, I went back to my table, and [I realised] my entire dress was unzipped, and my thong was out. So I'm barefoot, and my whole ass was out. I thought the shoes were going to be the problem."