Jeremy Irons loves getting to meet other famous people.

Jeremy Irons

Jeremy Irons

The 67-year-old actor has used his celebrity status to befriend a host of other well-known public figures down the years, including the likes of Robert Redford, Paul Newman and Diana Ross, and says it is one of the perks of being famous himself.

He shared: "The wonderful thing about being a known quantity is that you get to meet the best people in the world. You may not hang out for long with them but you get to have lunch or dinner or whatever.

"The first time I did a play on Broadway, in would walk Robert Redford, Paul Newman, Diana Ross, we'd sit and chat and have a cup of tea, and I thought, 'I'm so f***ing lucky.'"

However, the 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' star joked that his own poor memory has prevented him from being able to retell any of their stories.

He told the Mail on Sunday newspaper: "The terrible thing is, I could never write a book because I can't remember what we said."

Meanwhile, Jeremy insisted that his own adult children have had good values instilled in them, even though he's enjoyed a life of fame and success.

The award-winning actor - who has two sons, Max and Samuel, with his actress wife Sinéad Cusack - said: "My kids are hard-working and pretty balanced, they haven't been brought up in a very wealthy environment, it was normal.

"Privileged, yes, but not flamboyantly wealthy. So I know their values are absolutely right, and if they need a roof over their head and or other help then yes, I'll do that.'"